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A Time To Remember is a non profit organisation, directed by Imelda Gabs and the ATTR Comittee. Its goal is to offer young artists (musicians, singers, dancers) the opportunity to perform on stage and express their talent. They will be able to enhance their personal artistic skills working with other experienced young musicians and professional artists, such as our 2015 special guest Vic Pitts. Their work is shown each year during a final live concert in front of a great audience.

In order to participate, you have to register in our annual casting and meet the following criteria :

- Aged 25 maximum at the time of registration (average 25 for bands)

- Swiss nationality / Domiciled in Switzerland / Studying in Switzerland

- Be an artist (musician, singer, dancer, band)

For any more information about the castings, please contact us here.



The public performances and activities of ATTR are directed and supervised by its comittee members, Imelda Gabs, Leopold Menegalli, and Clyde Philipp's. Their work is to help the young artists during the rehearsals and establish the year's artistic program, including photoshoots, radio sessions, concerts, improvisation and theatrical workshops, and other social and cultural activities. ATTR produces one final public show in which each young artist gets to show their skills and share their talent in front of a big audience. 


Within the castings, the ATTR jury also selects a few lucky talented artists/bands who will be given the opportunity to not only participate in the final show with the others, but also get a solo performance and thus a chance to perform their own compositions and arrangements on stage.


The ATTR philosophy is based on passion, ambition, perseverance, and believing. We want to present new talents to the public, help young artists in their artistic journey, permit them to share their passion with others, and encourage them to go beyond their limits and believe in their capacities and their dreams.